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selfishforlove's Journal

Too Selfish for Love
28 June
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I'm 21 years old, female and I've completed 2.5 years of fine arts college, majoring in photography, life drawing and minoring in sculpture, greek mythology and folklore. Currently I am taking a year off just to step back and look at what I really want. My ideal career is to be a professional photographer but my plan B is nursing.
In my spare time I love to draw, make jewelry, read, write, play hockey, and sleep, amung other things. I really don't have any outstanding talents, I'm not a great cook but I practice, I've played hockey for about 17 years or well since I was 4.
I was born June 28th 1989. I'm an only child to two loving parents, we live with my aunt which can be alittle bit hectic.I'm relatively friendly, I'm not normally one to break the ice but I am getting better at it since I deal with people everyday at my new job. I like to think I'm knowledgeable even though I have plenty of blonde moments. I'm not judgmental and I always try to be there for anyone no matter what.